Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

  • Published: 28 April 2019
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    Apple's got some great hardware, but lately there's been one major flaw that's held them back from making full use of it...

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Comments • 9 382

  • Christopher LeCunff
    Christopher LeCunff  7 hours back

    anything from apple is junk

    • Storkator
      Storkator  13 hours back

      Wanna solve the heat problem ? Just download SMC Fan Control and put your fan speed at max or u can just buy an external one

      • Warren Brandt
        Warren Brandt  1 days back

        Mac copies files between devices way quicker than windows though...

        • B H-0
          B H-0  1 days back

          these dudes have such sweet jobs

          • jerrica benton
            jerrica benton  1 days back

            "to a lesser degree," he sez

            • Number 39 Utopia
              Number 39 Utopia  2 days back

              Because apple suck all they want is 💰 they don't care about there customers

              • TheGaming illustrator
                TheGaming illustrator  2 days back

                *puts blow torch to motherboard* me: stop! It's already dead.

                • Peter Skovgaard
                  Peter Skovgaard  2 days back

                  But yet nearly all who make Videos and Photographers work on Imacs or Macbooks and it works like a charm some time i think linus tech tips is a lil quick in roasting apple just becouse they dont want to work with em Come on guys you better then that and yes this is being typed on a macbook...

                  • Paxton Robinson
                    Paxton Robinson  3 days back

                    Why can’t Intel enable setup multi core to be started as soon as the device is turned on and booting then go to single core for stand by and sleep/hibernate? Using all the cores from the beginning would allow the machine to get work done faster and when the computer is working on the bare minimum it is then throttled down. The fans can adjust to CPU usage and GPU usage. This is not difficult to setup and is far behind what could be done in 2019.

                    • GateOP
                      GateOP  2 days back

                      Never owned an Intel processor where one has hyper threading, so im expecting that hyper threading is already turned on when you get the computer. As for windows when turning on to utilize all cores, well, it sort of does and doesn't. You can manually enable on windows for all cores to be utilized on startup.

                      As for stand by/hibernation, processor is turned off and has 0 usage during hibernation, it is the ram that keeps all the data in the process.

                      Fans do not adjust on CPU/GPU Usage. They both depend on the temperature. CPU's fans can turn up whether when they are at 70 Celsius or 80 and it gets the work done, whereas GPU's nowadays have their fans completely turned off until the person behind the computer puts some workload on the gpus. Then GPU's temperature rises and thats where the fans start working their way up.

                      As for your in-mid-sentence of your text "Using all the cores from the beginning would allow the machine to get work done faster and when the computer is working on the bare minimum it is then throttled down." It works exactly that way. New intel/amd processors actually use the bare minimum power when its on idle (doing absolutely nothing when no one is using the computer). As soon as the user starts utilizing them (playing games, using different kinds of programs to use the CPU power), the CPU alone increases the clock speed so it can get the work done as fast as possible. If the temperature starts rising and goes above 70 or 80 Celsius, Processor decides to underclock it as much as possible to lower the temperature (which also goes by the name of thermal throttling).

                  • NVK85
                    NVK85  3 days back

                    True on Macbook pro late 2015, it goes so hot that i even can not put it on my knees. But fans still on low rpm =(
                    And it was the problem on my 2010 model too.

                    • Micahhh
                      Micahhh  1 days back

                      That sounds awful. Yikes.

                  • NTZombieSlayer 204
                    NTZombieSlayer 204  3 days back

                    they want people to repair their broken shit.

                    • Akhlaq choudhary
                      Akhlaq choudhary  3 days back

                      If they make the macbook thicker they will need more aluminium.this will make macbook more expensive to produce and apple will sell it for more money.because apple want to make more profit from their Macs.Maybe they are making macbooks thin to reduce cost

                      • umibooozu
                        umibooozu  3 days back


                        • Vylkeer
                          Vylkeer  3 days back

                          I hope Tim Cook (aka Tim Apple) or any of the Apple execs will see this and realize how much they've been bullshitting on people. Thank you Linus for doing this.

                          • Blue Guitar
                            Blue Guitar  3 days back

                            Tim Apple has neglected the Mac lineup for years in favor of putting quality and effort into their phones. The way he looks at mac computers now is as a legacy product that doesn’t make the same money as the iphone, so the computers no longer receive the care and attention that a flagship product line deserves. They’re almost treating MacOS as a throw away to cheap marketing gimmicks

                            • Carlos
                              Carlos  3 days back

                              It is NOT the fact that a custom built PC is as expensive than a Mac with the same configuration.
                              Go to the Apple website now and compare.
                              Apple Macs and MacBooks are always more expensive than a custom built PC.

                              • phantumgrey
                                phantumgrey  3 days back

                                Dude at 4:18 needs to commit and shave his head.

                                • MotorcrossRacer1
                                  MotorcrossRacer1  4 days back

                                  ok fuckers here it is............a mac is a pc to so STFU..........pc=personal computer..........a mac is a should of said a mac vs a windows machine!...........IDIOT'S

                                  • GateOP
                                    GateOP  2 days back

                                    are you fucking kidding me? triggered over a MAC vs PC. Your life must be hard my friend if little things like this trigger you.

                                • Itz_Spear YT
                                  Itz_Spear YT  4 days back

                                  trying to watch beatly graphics on a GTX 1080 480p 12fps

                                  • Gaming Montages
                                    Gaming Montages  4 days back

                                    Hey honey? whats for dinner? *M e L T ed P L as T i C* you know. the usual rich kids stuff

                                    • Bryan Costa
                                      Bryan Costa  5 days back

                                      Thank you for exposing their mac lineup. Big fan, keep it up!

                                      • Jorge Lopez
                                        Jorge Lopez  6 days back

                                        Great video. Without getting all "that guy" on you, there are two other considerations that were not mentioned. Yes, it is true that CPU throttling is partially to blame but I don't think any blame should go on CPU throttling.

                                        Wait... I just contradicted myself. That was intentional :-)

                                        The other factors for a slow Mac are: memory compression, battery going bad (from overheating), and about several other factors (whoops, I promised two). The other factors are software framework related.

                                        The frameworks that comes to mind is Grand Central Dispatch, CoreGraphics, CoreImage, and a handful of "zxy"-kit frameworks. They do well to make things run smooth and give apps a slew of 'goodies' but do add overhead.

                                        Remember smooth == slow and steady. Have you ever put icing on a cake or used soft serve ice cream? It's smooth but It's slow. Slow but sweet. (syntactic sugar sweet... not "oh that's sweet!" sweet)

                                        My Windows PC is slow thanks to Spectre-Meltdown patches. It's annoying. Apple does have some hardware solutions but those are mostly seen in the iPhone and iPad as cpu co processing (newer Macs leverage the T2 chip for which I have a love-hate relationship with)

                                        I wrote a whole slew of other things but who has time to read it? Thanks for the post. (PS I use both platforms)

                                        • Filip Joksimovic
                                          Filip Joksimovic  6 days back

                                          Louis Rossmann smashed the like button

                                          • chris simmons
                                            chris simmons  6 days back

                                            self destructing t2 chips incoming

                                            • Dominic Fastbender
                                              Dominic Fastbender  6 days back

                                              I will never understand why people would buy a mac. Gotta love the comments they trigger though. Apple sure is a meme machine.

                                              • iamspencerx
                                                iamspencerx  5 days back

                                                Because they buy into Apple's marketing lies without fact checking.
                                                My boss equipped the company with Macs, I use a Mac Mini (dual core) and it's super sluggish once you put a little CPU Load on it, yet my boss thinks it's a beast...

                                            • oggy jack
                                              oggy jack  6 days back

                                              After watching the video:

                                              Mac Fanboy : iMac Pro, here I come.

                                              Tim Cook : Yes

                                              • An Dre
                                                An Dre  6 days back


                                                • voodotc11
                                                  voodotc11  7 days back

                                                  I love my Mac :) super simple. no problems. I guess because I’ve never cared about speed or any specs. Lasted longer than all my other non Mac laptops which were dog shit.

                                                  • Chris L W
                                                    Chris L W  7 days back

                                                    Well, they actually weren't lying about the 4.8 ghz. If you notice at the top of the ad page, they DO say 4.8 ghz WITH turboboost. Then, down at the bottom, they show the same spec they show up above, but with the more realistic spec of 2.9 ghz before the turboboost. A little shady, but they're not lying.

                                                    • wolfgang1983
                                                      wolfgang1983  7 days back

                                                      At the start of the video what is the game being played?

                                                    • LuckyLegionN7
                                                      LuckyLegionN7  1 weeks back

                                                      Razer is the answer, not the best thermals but you get the aesthetics and the build quality with better performance and windows

                                                      • Yamel Amador Fernandez
                                                        Yamel Amador Fernandez  1 weeks back

                                                        Hehehe, the answer part, nice.

                                                        • Damian Abarzua
                                                          Damian Abarzua  1 weeks back

                                                          Im in love with my cheap macbook air 2015, runs really fast

                                                          • mikldude
                                                            mikldude  1 weeks back

                                                            It always seemed wrong for computer devices to become so compact and " allegedly " more powerful, yet without more room for cooling solutions , the older style laptops where as thick as a big dictionary , the modern ones , many of them are as thick as a modern smart phone .
                                                            And on the face of it , it looks like they do not even have cooling fans in some of them .

                                                            • _kingtdog
                                                              _kingtdog  1 weeks back

                                                              Mac is more for anything besides gaming but it’s not bad but not great. Windows is more for a gaming machine.

                                                              • Gaming Montages
                                                                Gaming Montages  4 days back

                                                                @_kingtdog well i use Pc for literaly anything. As mine is very well cooled, i can over clock it to its maximum. And currently i have a gtx 1050 TI with a amd ryzen 7, more or less i use it for vudeo production and intesive grafics gaming, plus work, as i said, its rlly a thing of me using it for evrything, and it being perfect for everything

                                                              • _kingtdog
                                                                _kingtdog  4 days back

                                                                Gaming Montages Mac can get a good 60fps on fortnite but the main purpose of Mac is mainly creativity graphic design and editing. The main advantage of windows is you can build a computer in your own way.

                                                              • Gaming Montages
                                                                Gaming Montages  4 days back

                                                                ummm windows is for everything rlly.

                                                            • Roger Johansson
                                                              Roger Johansson  1 weeks back

                                                              😂😂😂 PC fot the win!!

                                                              • Michał Poreda
                                                                Michał Poreda  1 weeks back

                                                                That's true. I'm a MacBook user and that piss me very often when cooling waits until it's to late and then I have blender under my fingers...

                                                                • Iván Mn
                                                                  Iván Mn  1 weeks back

                                                                  Mac is more expensive than any other PC because people don't want to buy a pc with exactly the same parts. We want an affordable PC. And with 200 dollars or less, you can have a very decent Hackintosh for normal use. I have a 3rd gen i7 that is running XCode perfectly, and that's all i need, i wouldn't pay 3000 dollars for that.

                                                                  You also have to take in account every piece in a pc can be updated and used in other pcs. In a mac you can only change the ram.
                                                                  Also, mac has horrible compatibility issues with linux and windows servers and many other things such as virtual certificates.

                                                                  • Golden sheep
                                                                    Golden sheep  1 weeks back

                                                                    So apple is a piece of crap

                                                                    • 박진우
                                                                      박진우  1 weeks back

                                                                      10:18-10:23 That's the line that I am waiting for from Linus: Simply Apple can't avoid the #LawsOfPhysics and there's NOTHING MAGICAL on what they're doing!

                                                                      • Clarity
                                                                        Clarity  1 weeks back

                                                                        "Good product" comes down to user experience. As a music producer & software maker, macOS still easily wins for me. I've always known macs were slower than PC's and it doesn't matter.

                                                                        • Andy Roid
                                                                          Andy Roid  1 weeks back

                                                                          05:41 OMG

                                                                          • Brian Nielsen
                                                                            Brian Nielsen  1 weeks back

                                                                            Hehe wishful thinking.

                                                                            • largol33t1
                                                                              largol33t1  1 weeks back

                                                                              Linus, hire a private guard and make sure your address doesn't show. The Apple cult members will definitely be out for your scalp.

                                                                              • alan933
                                                                                alan933  1 weeks back

                                                                                This is true, stock trading software on my macbook pro always kicks on the fan and heats the thing up HOT. I have to literally click away from the stock trading app to another item to make it stop heating up. Any future purchase I make will concentrate on over-heating.

                                                                                • Cupcake Warior
                                                                                  Cupcake Warior  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I like the way an Mac looks like and how a windows pc performs

                                                                                  So I tried bootcamp lol

                                                                                  • Preciado
                                                                                    Preciado  4 days back

                                                                                    LuckyLegionN7 I just bought a MacBook Pro and now I feel like returning it to get a Razer Blade

                                                                                  • Preciado
                                                                                    Preciado  4 days back

                                                                                    LuckyLegionN7 I’m thinking of

                                                                                  • LuckyLegionN7
                                                                                    LuckyLegionN7  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Or buy a razer

                                                                                • Shots by Ambriz
                                                                                  Shots by Ambriz  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Tim Apple

                                                                                  • DJ VENDETTA
                                                                                    DJ VENDETTA  1 weeks back

                                                                                    trust me at least macbook pros cook your lap chest and gpu alive (actually happens) not only because they operate hotter but cos theyre made of metal they burn your chest when your shirtless