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  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox  5 hours back

    I love these whiney waah-waah-waah "someone was mean and I got revenge" videos.

    • JustAMan
      JustAMan  5 hours back

      I cannot believe it. I was a system admin and I got fired 4 years ago for bizarre reasons and they deleted my developer account. The reasons for my termination were that I had accidentally hired the same lawyer as my company and he told my bosses the details of my divorce. You know, confidential, private, personal details. Only they lost millions, hundreds of people lost their jobs and they were taken over by a competitor. They never dared to call me, even when their entire system was falling apart. Sys admins rule. Now I make 3 times as much and the lawyer was disbarred.

      • lordSeaworth
        lordSeaworth  22 hours back

        Thank god you have quite the imagination in making up stories.

        • Tim North
          Tim North  22 hours back

          I have heard a similar story, however, the boss was promoted. That's govenment for ya.

        • kinerry
          kinerry  1 days back

          Those are IRDs, you work on TV networks?

          • Kenneth Carangelo
            Kenneth Carangelo  1 days back

            Sounded like great story but just took to long. I stopped watching at 10:12 :(

            • superhungdwarf
              superhungdwarf  1 days back

              I would have hired bruno to straighten you out...Of course i would have never fired you in the first place

              • B
                B  1 days back

                Karma at its finest. You deserved better anyway man!

                • lordSeaworth
                  lordSeaworth  22 hours back

                  These are stories. Not real. Just made up for views.

              • Thomas Kent WGU
                Thomas Kent WGU  1 days back

                Sounds like you are rather lucky to be out of that company. I mean, yeah, you had cool bosses in the past, but then they bring ina dick,... and then wait for the problems, fire the dick, and hire someone worse??? Upper management is the incompetent ones if they haven't figured that out!

                • Ben G
                  Ben G  2 days back

                  Needed to feed his ego before using his brain.

                  • Steve Seguin
                    Steve Seguin  2 days back

                    PHP I'm guessing? anyways, I was not a fan of this video.

                    I see a critical problem of the earlier management; they allowed a system to be deployed that relied on a single developer/admin to maintain and operate. Some developers are evil enough to try to set themselves up as being indispensable by deploying systems that only they understand and can support. It's a costly mistake for a manager to make in the long term, IMO.

                    It is completely sensible to require a developer to supply detailed documentation, units tests, and deployment scripts when building such a system. I'm not sure if this person confuses documentation with paperwork, but documentation is quite important.

                    "Approval" for any bugfix or small change is called a PULL REQUEST, and it is standard practice. Having your development team, 1 or 2 other developers lets say, generally need to read your code submission before it is approved into the code base. This ensures that the team is working together, that the rules of development are being followed, and errors in the code can be caught before deployment. It also helps to ensure more than one person understands and can operate the code base ---

                    I generally feel like this developer was given unconstrained freedom for far too long, has developed many bad habits and a bit of an ego, and in my eyes needs to fall in line or be let go. The manager perhaps was the first competent manager who gave a shat, and a conflict occurred.

                    At time @3:40 the developer mentions that he asked for a backup for 10 years, never got one, so the developer is admitting there was a serious problem and now he is shifting blame to the previous managers. In ten years, if you haven't succeeded in convincing someone of the need here, then YOU have failed -- don't blame the damn company. It is your job to communicate this or deploy systems then that don't need a backup; don't blame anyone else except yourself.

                    The manager did the right thing by reducing your responsibilities if you were not willing to share them; over a year is a reasonable time frame for this. He needs to ensure more than one person can support things and more than one person is involved. If you were capable of communicating and working with a team, you would still find yourself with work to do, but I suspect that you are quite hard to actually work with.

                    You were let go "without cause", hence the severance package and termination. Your boss was not setting you up to look like a bad employee, so if you felt like you did not have enough work to do it was not his goal to make you look bad, but to make sure there were in place backups already within the company who could continue what were your previous responsibilities. I think this reflects in the fact he felt only one day was needed to train your backup -- he probably misjudged just how pervasive you've been over the years. More importantly, you again failed to communicate with the manager how deeply you've entrenched yourself. Communication is a skill and you seem to lack it.

                    At this point, when the developer cuts access to his "privately owned public source code management" software, I almost think he opens himself up to a lawsuit. He knowingly just broke the company and also made the company dependent on his own software without approval and clear communication. This is a GREAT reason to not let your developers develop their own open source software for the company -- the company paid this dev a lot of money to build software they did not even own. As a result, he made himself a service provider to the company and then knowingly revoked access to his provided service, without warning, causing damage to the company.

                    Furthermore, the employee was still employed at the time he helped delete all the documentation to the system. He actively participated in knowingly deleting company data while still employed with the company. He provided a bullshit excuse. The manager did seem to successfully migrate away from the developer otherwise, but there is only so much you can do I guess. Keeping the offending developer on longer would have only prolonged the eventual problems here, and as the developer himself mentioned, he was intending to quit already anyways.

                    Look, I get that this employee didn't like his manager, but the manager was in the right. Bullying aside, if you get let go you don't kick over the server on the way out, that is not professional and greatly rather reflects negatively on your character. A company that otherwise treated the developer well for decades gets taken hostage and screwed; how can anyone feel sorry for this person at this point? The company even sent the developer to conferences to further their education, up until the day they were was let go; be grateful.

                    I didn't even bother listening to the rest of this video -- I generally think the company should take legal action against this developer.

                    • hiteck007
                      hiteck007  2 days back


                      • MrKortesas
                        MrKortesas  2 days back

                        Three moments in this case:
                        First, it is a new manager. So it is usual that he/ she wants to get in control of all company processes.
                        Secondly, it appears that you had too much freedom in your position so you upgraded everything to your needs and company became dependent on you. It is balancing between legal/ illegal activity.
                        Three, seems to be you and your new manager are with huge ego. Manager saw you as a threat and was unable to take control of your actions, work (which can be dangerous for the company).
                        It is hard to comment situation from your words because IT people are most of the time last people to loose jobs. Especially, professionals.I do understand managers position so I am sure there is more to it.

                        • lordSeaworth
                          lordSeaworth  22 hours back

                          Yes. It is called making up a story for views on the web

                      • Darren Cole
                        Darren Cole  2 days back

                        I didn't get fired but was almost fired. I was local/IT for 29 floors of a building. Thousand+ machines and I was the lone IT guy. One day I happened to see new construction on a vacant floor. A few weeks later I went by and noticed about 50 machines all sitting on the floor. I mentioned this to my boss. They said they knew nothing about it so leave them alone. This new construction was done very shortly after I found the machines in there. 2ish months later, I get a high ticket at 3pm, I leave at 4pm, from another manager that I need to take all these machines, set them up on all the desks, reimage them and it needs to be done right now. I called him up and said no. I had 4 other high tickets that needed to be done today for customers that are actually broken. I will try to get to them tomorrow. I left at 5pm that day. Got all the high tickets done and had half of the workstations setup and reimaged. Got a call from a higher up boss telling me that I am not being a team player. I said those machines have been down there for 2 months. Why was it not done long before now? Anyways, I told them I had already gotten half of them done and would have the other half done today.

                        I got called into my boss's office at lunch time. They tell me I am in serious trouble. This other manager lied and said he had been trying to get me to set those machines up for weeks, When I reminded my boss about the workstations I found sitting on the floor a few months back, that those were the workstations in question, they said they would take care of this. That other manager that lied was fired from the company a few weeks later and I still had my job. 1 man supporting thousand+ machines. The thing that so pisses me off is if I had not stumbled upon those machines and mentioned it to my boss, they would have totally believed that other manager and I probably would have been out of a job. Just fyi, I found out that those machines were not needed for another week. It wasn't even an emergency. That manager just wanted it done so it would make him look good that he had it ready early and was going to take full credit for it.

                        • Dalek40
                          Dalek40  2 days back

                          lesson of the day 'Don't fire the only person who can fix shit if something goes wrong'

                          • EagleKeeper
                            EagleKeeper  1 days back

                            Not necessarily, don’t put your company in the position of relying on one person to manage the systems.

                        • maxbored
                          maxbored  3 days back

                          The boss was right, you were a liability rather than an asset TO THE COMPANY. The part where he went wrong is the way he went about solving it. He should have made YOU the person to make sure the system could be managed by someone else. You catch more flies with a drop of honey than a gallon of vinegar. I was in the same boat as a manager with an employee who thought job security was becoming the ONLY person who knew how to build some systems. Those are dangerous employees you do not want under your watch.

                          • Bones
                            Bones  3 days back

                            Omg, I loved that lil fairy tale!! Way to nicely STICK'EM mate! That honestly made my day man, GOOD JOB PAL!

                            • john schwalenberg
                              john schwalenberg  3 days back

                              Can't fix stupid.

                              • Menstrel
                                Menstrel  3 days back

                                The incompetent hate the competent.

                                • Enteraname
                                  Enteraname  3 days back

                                  Great story, hilarious.

                                  • Chung Yin Lo
                                    Chung Yin Lo  3 days back


                                    • Rom3
                                      Rom3  3 days back

                                      funny Title GL LOL

                                      • SMK 5th
                                        SMK 5th  3 days back

                                        Beautiful! All he did was do his job and all the Backup did was do his job only one at fault was the boss who should've known better!

                                        • Time Bandit
                                          Time Bandit  4 days back

                                          I used to work in IT. Had a new supervisor come in. She was black, racist and had a white hate chip on her shoulder. She tried to implement a major change on the phone directory system and I advised that it would not work because the clients would not be directed as needed and would be running in circles wasting time, trying to get to the right ITDesk and getting upset. It was still implemented costing over a quarter million dollars and as I predicted, it failed and clients were furious! The company was forced to go back to the old system. Had a meeting about it and I stated 'I told you this would happen'. She then started firing a bunch of proficient white people and hiring unskilled, barely knowledgeable blacks. One day, someone came up and asked me a question while I was on a very important call with a very large client. Told the "new guy" to ask the supervisor, who was "supposed to be" tech savvy, as I was on this call. Found out later that this pissed off the racist black supervisor and I was placed on the shortlist to be terminated. So I contacted HR, contacted my attorney, contacted my therapist because I went into severe depression and panic over this and sued their asses. One supervisor was reassigned and I am told, the black racist female screamed racism and kept her job! Needless to say, you get what you hire. And if as a company, you hire a female, black racist, white hating piece of s**t , good luck firing them even if you do have grounds! And after they fire, on NO grounds, your best people that clients love, and you do nothing to prevent this, then as a company, you can go and f**k yourself. Because, you get what you paid for!

                                          • Wolver ine
                                            Wolver ine  4 days back

                                            Good story. We all would have loved to have been a fly on the wall the day "boss" got the arse. Ha ha.

                                            • Brandon Blaze
                                              Brandon Blaze  4 days back

                                              My question in all of this is
                                              Why aren't you the freakin boss???

                                              • Raven Fox
                                                Raven Fox  4 days back

                                                Man, I Hate new bosses who come in with their heads already shoved up their own asses.

                                                • Antonio Leitao
                                                  Antonio Leitao  5 days back

                                                  this video is very satisfying

                                                  • TulgaD5
                                                    TulgaD5  5 days back

                                                    2:22 probably he's talking about ABAP since ABAP is the most crappy programming language I've seen in my entire life. I really don't know how SAP became so popular. The new boss would be right if the the software was not that advanced already. And he is also right about the backup employee even if he is a d*ck.

                                                    • Geminias
                                                      Geminias  5 days back

                                                      I've seen this exact scenario in multiple work locations on multiple projects. Typically, this results in the admin or engineer being re-hired at significantly higher than what they were making. We have a manager over our service desk right now that fired her process analyst and then didn't update her team's documentation for 3+ yrs. They have one person whose been employed for more than 1 yr on that team; and you can hear the manager screaming every day about people doing stuff wrong.

                                                      • Axel Sharpshire
                                                        Axel Sharpshire  5 days back

                                                        Welcome to the world of I.T. You are all now expected to simplify and use automation to do everything and document everything so that monkeys can run it so you can get replaced tomorrow. By the way- You're getting replaced tomorrow. We will hire and screw over the next guy too who got screwed over by his last company the same exact way.

                                                        • Ron Benefield
                                                          Ron Benefield  5 days back

                                                          Wow and I though the car business was incompetent, vicious, and full of egotistical chest beating idiots, but they somehow manage to stay in business because each one is a clone of the other's

                                                          • Erik Westrheim
                                                            Erik Westrheim  5 days back

                                                            Oh man I love your story, dumb boss got the kick he deserwed ....

                                                            • Brian
                                                              Brian  6 days back

                                                              i got fired from Sun Edison for trying to implement a process for exit from company in which the persons in question may not work from home for a week prior to exit and must be escorted by security to ensure properity stayed at the office and didnt "disappear" a few months after i was fired the company went bankrupt i heard through what friends i had there that teams would keep the computers/laptops or bosses would keep them in their desk and forget about them. ive been fired from panera for having a conversation at lunch with my best friend while having a mid life crysis this was over heard by another team member who reported it and got us both fired. I could go on but to sum it up i believe that I am on the spectrum and dont deal with these things or people well several years of more of this and I went to trucking. where i am my own boss make my own hours and dont have on average deal with the same bullshit

                                                              • sleat
                                                                sleat  6 days back

                                                                It would be fun (and not particularly risky) to know what programming language "new boss" didn't like.

                                                                • asdf92
                                                                  asdf92  6 days back

                                                                  Why is this recommended to me?

                                                                  • lothean
                                                                    lothean  6 days back

                                                                    I was a quality technician in a similar position. Found out later my group lead was fired a few years later. What makes it so sweet, my car and house is paid off. Hers was not, and the other techs who had me working weekends and staying late, eventually were fired also because they all fought with each other as to to worked weekends (which was me) and who had to come in early or stay late (which was me). I laughed a long time and even though it's been 6 years, thinking back still brings a smile to my face after I was fired.

                                                                    • ChinaAl
                                                                      ChinaAl  6 days back

                                                                      Fantastic! LMAO!

                                                                      • Steve Dresen
                                                                        Steve Dresen  6 days back

                                                                        Fellow aspi here. I saw my last two employers shut down "my department" (industrial electronic field service) after I left! I guess they couldn't find a qualified replacement.... a dyslexic aspi that lived and breathed electronics. It still puts a smile on my face when I think about it.

                                                                        • William Wallace
                                                                          William Wallace  6 days back

                                                                          A classic case of muppet pointless middle management, playing the Tin Man routine Excellent result! Companies are full of these administrators? Why? Bring no added value or anything productive.

                                                                          • Shane Harvey
                                                                            Shane Harvey  6 days back

                                                                            Management shouldn't have fired Elliott....

                                                                            • whiteman withoutdark
                                                                              whiteman withoutdark  6 days back

                                                                              fake story bro

                                                                              • Ryan S
                                                                                Ryan S  6 days back

                                                                                Everybody on the internet has aspergers.

                                                                                • bishopob
                                                                                  bishopob  7 days back

                                                                                  Your story is so familiar to me. I had, after years of bullshit with an f500 manufacturing company as a SysA and the constant threat of being replaced simply through habits of middle management to feel they need to constantly keep a fresh and constant flow of new "talent" and/or flat out washing out pre-retirees (habitually and routinely) on or about their 16-20th+ years of service. In case I was ever subject to the "ninja-termination." I put in place a sleek automated logic bomb that would launch if I didn't authenticate locally or remotely @72hrs. Details aside, I was ninja'd. I think it was my 5th day of sleeping in when I got the call. It was so bad they sent most of the office people home, drafters and engineers upstairs couldn't even log in, computerized machines all over the shop didn't have any CAD reference prints. It's sad how the management doesn't seem to know jack's shit about company policy specifically regarding legal can and cannot VS employee/nonemployee contracts. I returned to the company, replacing the knucklehead who fired me, extra pay and some clarification on my schedule. Seriously once you get done with your tasks...what is to be done with the other 5-6hrs of your workday? Reddit/Imgur/Youtube/whatever. I favored long lunches. I'm salary, i get paid by the job, not the hour. As it should be with all things.

                                                                                  • Sktona
                                                                                    Sktona  7 days back

                                                                                    Aspergers lone system admin is friends with many people at the company? I don’t buy it.

                                                                                    • 750 kV
                                                                                      750 kV  5 days back

                                                                                      Incredible, isn't it...?

                                                                                  • Car Mo
                                                                                    Car Mo  7 days back

                                                                                    I crinched badly at the mentioning of "deleting admin accounts" ... In the she systems i work with and design, deleting accounts is ABSOLUTELY forbidden. Not only does it setup for situations like this, but it also makes tracing activity thru logs all but impossible on Microsoft systems.
                                                                                    If a ADMIN account needs to be "deactivated" for whatever reason; policy dictates setting a 30+ character password (15 characters each by 2 different people if possible), note it on a paper, put the paper in a security envelope, put the envelope in a safe and THEN deactivating the account.

                                                                                    • Ikari Shinji
                                                                                      Ikari Shinji  7 days back

                                                                                      Your ex boss sounds like my current boss,

                                                                                      • Corey Dowie
                                                                                        Corey Dowie  7 days back

                                                                                        The comments section of this video should be required reading for ALL middle management. Geez, Its a text book list of how NOT to screw up your company....